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Empire Volleyball Club 2015 Yearbook Information

Look back at the season, your teammates, and friends through the pages of your Empire Volleyball Club 2014 Yearbook.

What:  This club and individual fundraiser showcases Empire Volleyball teams and players. The yearbook includes team pictures, candid shots, Senior Profile, “Hall of Fame,” sponsored advertisements, and well-wishers. Well-wishers are short 3-line messages for a player.

How:  Each player sells ads to individuals and/or businesses.
Each player is expected to sell a minimum of $50 worth of ads, which is at least one (1) business card ad or two (2) well-wisher sponsorships. All money for ads sold over the $50 minimum requirement will go directly into the player’s account. Players selling ads will receive a copy of the 2014 Yearbook for each of their advertisers and one personal copy. Players selling two well-wisher sponsorships will receive one personal copy of the yearbook.

Team Incentives:  Players who sell ads receive a copy of the Yearbook.  Teams that have all players participate at least at the minimum level will earn a free all-you-can-eat ice cream party (with toppings and whipped cream). The coach will receive a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Ad Options

Size Black & White Color 3 Lines
Full Page (7.5 x 10.5) $400 $500 N/A
Half Page (7.5 x 5.25) $200 $250 N/A
Quarter Page (3.5 x 4.25) $125 $200 N/A
Business Card (3.5 x 2) $50 N/A N/A
Sponsor a Photo* $50 $100 N/A
Well-Wisher N/A N/A $25