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Empire Juniors Level II 2018 Graduates

By Daryl Kapis, 06/15/18, 4:45PM PDT


Level II Graduates

Santa Rosa--For four straight days these twelve individuals who had participated in Level I training 1-2x's got up early for workouts to get better at their overall skills.  

In the training these players not only refined their skills they had learned in Level I, but worked on advance attacking techniques, learning how to be a pass to hit attacker, emergency floor moves, transition hitting, and team play.

These players look forward to moving forward in their group training when Level III opens up in the Fall of 2018.

Pictured Above:

From Left To Right: (Top Row)  Katie Davis (Grade 6), Caroline Gruenbaum (Grade 7), Ashley Sanford (Grade 7), Sydney Shayewitz (Grade 6), Natalia Woods (Grade 6),  Bottom Row:  Juliet Allen (Grade 5),  Rachel Dyer (Grade 5), Evelyn Finney (Grade 5), Rachel Gruenbaum (Grade 4),  Kimberly Wilson (not pictured (Grade 5)