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Welcome to Empire Volleyball Club!

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Fall Programs



For more information on Empire Juniors programs click here



August 18th-Sept. 29th (Sunday's)   5:45 PM-7:30 PM @ Sonoma State

Registration coming by 8/17---check back often     (Limited to 20 students)

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7th-8th grade clinics (Session I-III) starting August 20th twice a week

Session 1:  August 20th-Sept. 10th  (7/24 spots remaining)

Session 2:  Sept. 15th-Oct 6th    (19/24 spots remaining)

Session 3:  Oct. 8th-Oct. 22nd           (15/24 spots remaining)

Click here for more information and to register

Multiple Session Registration Discount Codes Available!!!


Empire Juniors-Sebastopol: (Sept. 14th-Nov. 2nd)-Saturday's

Click Here to Register:     Type (Sports)   (18/30 spots remaining)


Empire Juniors-Santa Rosa--(August 28th-Oct. 16th)-Wednesday's

Click Here to Register!     (click volleyball)    (14/30 remaining)


Empire Juniors-Ukiah (Oct. 29th-Nov. 26th)--T/Th 5:45-7:25 PM

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